!Paying Cash For Guitars & Basses:


Gibson Guitars.. pre 1980 electric,archtops,acoustics, and Basses All models, All colors. Any Condition!


Fender Guitars..pre 1975 electric,Archtops,Acoustics, and Basses all models,all colors Any condition 


Martin Guitars..pre 1975 all flattop and some arch top model's Any Condition!


Gretsch Guitars.. 1950's & 1960's White Pinguin, White Falcon, Roundups, Gretsch Country Gentleman, DuoJet, SilverJet, Jetfire. Monkeys All 6100 series. Any condition & basses


Rickenbacker..pre 1970 all models Solid body & semi-hollow. Basses. Light Show included. Any Condition.



1950's & 1960's Epiphone Guitars..Solid body electrics, acoustics, semi-hollow body electrics & basses. Any Condition.


Mosrite Ventures Model & Basses early 1960's to mid 1960’s. Any Condition!


Danelectro Guitars & Basses..1950's to 1960’s. Any Condition! 


Harmony Guitars 1950’s & 1960’s. Any Condition!


Coral Guitars & Basses 1960's Any Condition!


Bigsby Guitars from the 1950's Any Condition!


Guild 1960's Thunderbird Guitars, Basses, Duane Eddy,& Aristocrat Models Any Condition!


Amps..From the 1960's Fender, Marshall, Park, Orange, Sears Silvertone, Danelectro, Supro, Gretsch, Magnatone & Vox Any Condition! 


All Older Pedals Pre..1975 Any Condition!


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